"Math and Science Academy of Charlotte Boosts Student Skill Diversification with Holistic Program: 60% Uptick in Problem-Solving"

"Empowering our students with a holistic education is not just our aim, but our responsibility. Dream Chaser Kids has allowed us to bridge the gap between traditional STEM subjects and the real-world skills required for the future. Together, we're sculpting pioneers, not just learners."
Kyle King
Dean of Students, TMSA (formerly QueenCity STEM School)

The Background

The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte, known for its strong STEM education focus, aimed to enrich its curriculum to prepare students for the complexities of the modern world. In a strategic move, the academy partnered with Dream Chaser Kids, aiming to enrich the educational experience of 18 high-achieving students from the Dean’s list in grades 5 and 6, over a full semester.

The Challenge

While The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte had a strong foundation in STEM subjects, there was a gap in providing students with essential skills like project management, communication, and digital literacy. Additionally, the unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a swift transition to online learning, further highlighting the need for digital adeptness among students.

The Solution

Dream Chaser Kids devised a program tailored for the academy’s students. Initially conducted on-campus during instructional hours, the program seamlessly transitioned to online after-school sessions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted learning.


Skill Diversification Objectives:

  • Implement a milestone-based project for each student, aiming for 100% completion, thereby demonstrating effective planning and management skills.
  • Ensure every student creates a vision board, targeting a full participation rate to foster creativity and strategic thinking.
  • Facilitate at least two elevator pitch sessions per student, with the objective of enhancing public speaking and persuasion skills.
  • Transition the curriculum online with the goal of all students mastering at least three digital tools or platforms.

Feedback Mechanism and Measurable Achievements:

  • Target a minimum of 60% student interest in entrepreneurship, surpassing the goal with 70% showing interest.
  • Aim for over 50% of the participants to express a keenness in learning financial planning, with 55% meeting this criterion.
  • Aspire for at least 60% interest in engaging roles that require public speaking, with 70% of students indicating such interest.

Problem-Solving Enhancement Targets:

  • Target a 50% enhancement in problem-solving capabilities, notably achieving a 60% improvement.
  • Encourage innovative problem-solving approaches, with half of the students expected to present creative solutions, meeting this target precisely.
  • Increase participation in analytical discussions, with a significant rise observed though without a predefined target percentage.

The Results

The program delivered a comprehensive learning experience to the selected 18 students over a full semester, successfully integrating critical life skills with their STEM education. Key outcomes include:

  • All students demonstrated proficiency in newly acquired skills, achieving or exceeding the program’s targets.
  • The seamless shift to online learning did not impede educational goals, highlighting the program’s adaptability and effectiveness.
  • Student and instructor feedback affirmed the significant impact of the program, evidencing its success in enhancing both academic and real-world competencies.


The integration of detailed participant information and the program’s duration provides a clearer picture of its scope and the measurable achievements, underscoring its value in preparing students for future challenges.