"Math and Science Academy of Charlotte Boosts Student Skill Diversification with Holistic Program: 60% Uptick in Problem-Solving"

"Empowering our students with a holistic education is not just our aim, but our responsibility. Dream Chaser Kids has allowed us to bridge the gap between traditional STEM subjects and the real-world skills required for the future. Together, we're sculpting pioneers, not just learners."
Kyle King
Dean of Students, TMSA (formerly QueenCity STEM School)

The Background

The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte, renowned for its emphasis on STEM education, aimed to provide its students with a comprehensive learning experience that went beyond traditional academic subjects. Recognizing the ever-changing dynamics of the modern world and the skills students need to thrive in it, the academy sought a partnership that could offer a holistic educational approach.

Enter Dream Chaser Kids, with its mission to empower students with real-world skills, entrepreneurship, and financial intelligence.

The Challenge

While The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte had a strong foundation in STEM subjects, there was a gap in providing students with essential skills like project management, communication, and digital literacy. Additionally, the unexpected onset of the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a swift transition to online learning, further highlighting the need for digital adeptness among students.

The Solution

Dream Chaser Kids devised a program tailored for the academy’s students. Initially conducted on-campus during instructional hours, the program seamlessly transitioned to online after-school sessions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted learning.


  • Skill Diversification: Dream Chaser Kids introduced modules that ensured students at The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte received a diversified skill set:
  • Project Management: Students learned to define project requirements and oversee their progression.
  • Visual Planning: Vision boards enabled students to map out goals, refining design and planning skills.
  • Communication: Elevator pitch sessions honed public speaking and effective communication skills.
  • Digital Literacy: The shift to online sessions ensured students became adept at navigating digital platforms.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Post-program feedback sessions gauged students’ aspirations and interests.
    • 70% of students showcased interest in entrepreneurial ventures.
    • 55% expressed a desire to explore financial planning and management.
    • A significant 70% showed interest in roles involving public speaking, presentations, or sales.
  • Problem-Solving Enhancement: The program’s real-world application emphasis led to enhanced problem-solving skills:
    • A notable 60% improvement was observed in students’ ability to identify and address challenges during project planning.
    • 50% of students presented innovative solutions to challenges posed, indicating creative thinking.
    • Instructors observed increased participation in class discussions, suggesting improved analytical skills.

The Results

The partnership between Dream Chaser Kids and The Math and Science Academy of Charlotte resulted in students acquiring a well-rounded skill set, extending beyond the confines of traditional STEM subjects. The program’s adaptability in transitioning online during the pandemic ensured continuous learning. Student and academic instructor feedback showcased the program’s tangible impact, underscoring its transformative potential.