Self-Directed Learners

Ready to step into whatever's next

Project Playbooks supports a child’s growth into a confident, capable, and resilient person who can thrive in any future they choose. 

Turn Talents Into Real-World Projects

Welcome Dream Chaser to an interactive world where learning is an adventure tailored to your talents and interests. Choose from a variety of playbooks, each one a unique game that sets you on a path of discovery, creativity, and problem-solving. Your talents lead the way to launch as you transform from a learner today into a leader tomorrow.

During live sessions, learners are guided through their project from selection to project launch. Peers will often help each other for a collaborative experience.

Featured Playbooks

It’s the lemonade stand reimagined for learners in the digital age.

Project Playbooks + Dream by Design

By combining Dream by Design with Project Playbooks, learners develop a holistic skill set that includes goal-setting, character development, reflection, and more.

Bridging The Learners of Today with the Learning of Tomorrow.

This is what education can be—a self-directed narrative where the learner is both the protagonist and the narrator. It’s not an alternative; it’s an upgrade.

Customized Learning

Tailored to each child’s talents for self-discovery, skill-building, and problem-solving.

The Project-Based Experience

  • Select Your Playbook: Your chosen playbook is your guide. Each one matches your natural abilities, from Innovative Explorer to Artistic Creator, making every step on the journey feels like a piece of your own story unfolding.
  • Complete Five Milestones: Navigate through Five Key Milestones, each an epic chapter in your narrative of growth. More than checkpoints, they build on each other, setting the stage for personal and educational achievement.
  • Activities: Each Milestone is achieved through gamified activities designed to engage learners in problem-solving and entrepreneurial-thinking.
  • StoryBuilder: Sell or showcase your completed project with StoryBuilder.