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Welcome to Personalized, Self-Directed, and Supportive Learning

Our learning journey follows five key steps, which spell out D.R.E.A.M. These aren’t just steps; they’re important stages in a child’s path of learning about themselves, building skills, and achieving creative success. 

Weekly Zoom sessions last 45 to 60 minutes for small groups of 5 to 8 students and grouped by age. 

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Chasing Your DREAM

Personalized for All Ages

Weeks 1-6 

Every journey starts with self-discovery. Here, learners will use the TalentExplorer to find out what they’re really good at and what they love. This stage makes sure their learning is just right for them from the beginning.

See how Benjamin, Rachel, and Kheris did it.

  • Objective: Students explore their personal strengths and interests using the TalentExplorer tool.
  • Key Activities: Interactive games, talent-based storytelling, talent matching with AI, and Dream Circle shoutouts.
  • Outcome: Students can articulate their unique talents and how these can be used in practical settings.

Weeks 7-12 

Success usually involves others. During this stage, your child will learn about working well with others, including peers, mentors, and the community, and they’ll learn about customer needs and teamwork.

See how Jack, Corey, and Asia did it.

  • Objective: Learn the importance of teamwork and community in project success.
  • Key Activities: Interactive games, community impact project, empathy role-playing, and Dream Circle customer needs workshop.
  • Outcome: Students will appreciate teamwork and identify how their talents can help solve real-life problems.

Weeks 13-24 

Experience is the best teacher. Here, your child will choose, design, and test their own projects, putting what they’ve learned into action and embracing creativity and flexibility, which are essential for innovation.

Learn how Cassidy, Caroline, and Isabel did it.

  • Objective: Apply talents and skills in real situations through project-based learning.
  • Key Activities: Design thinking game, role-swap challenge, customer journey simulation, feedback loop game, playbook pitch off.
  • Outcome: Students will master their playbooks, use feedback effectively, and learn basic project management.

Weeks 25-30

Being resilient is crucial for success. This stage teaches your child how to deal with challenges, see the value in setbacks, and build the strength they need for long-term success.

See how Hannah and George did it.

  • Objective: Overcome challenges and learn resilience.
  • Key Activities: Problem-solving challenges, hot potato, resilience role-play, escape room, adversity puzzles, mindfulness and adaptability relay with their playbook.
  • Outcome: Students demonstrate problem-solving skills and can reflect on how they overcome difficulties.

Weeks 31-36 

Learning and growing never stop. This stage focuses on moving forward, making impactful decisions, and thinking about creating a lasting legacy.

See how Mikaila and Brennan did it.

  • Objective: Build on past successes and plan for future growth.
  • Key Activities: Legacy project challenge, sustainability initiative game, interactive road-mapping, showcase, and reflection.
  • Outcome: Students will present their projects, launch them with StoryBuilder, and share their learning experiences.

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