An Unwavering Commitment to Security

Our state-of-the-art security program is designed to safeguard sensitive data at every touchpoint.

The very foundation of our success lies in developing a robust, secure product and infrastructure. We’re on a mission to empower schools, parents, and application partners in creating an impenetrable learning environment where students can flourish without concerns.

But creating a secure environment goes beyond merely writing secure code. True security is a culture, an ethos that permeates every facet of our operations. At Dream Chaser Kids, security isn’t relegated to a department – it’s an integral part of what every one of us does. It’s a testament to our commitment that every single member of our team undergoes rigorous security training. At the helm of our security initiatives are seasoned experts with rich experience in leading cloud services security. Their passion? Crafting ultra-secure digital learning landscapes.

Our meticulous ‘security-by-design’ methodology ensures that sensitive data remains shielded at every juncture, from the initial data interaction to the countless subsequent engagements.

Pioneering Practices and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Schools entrust us with their data, and we deeply recognize the immense responsibility this entails. We’re not just committed to meeting the high-security standards expected of us – we consistently raise the bar. Our track record speaks volumes, and we’re always on the lookout for innovative tools and methods to remain steps ahead of potential threats.

Dream Chaser Kids is the platform of choice for parents, schools, and foundations when it comes to managing and safeguarding Student Data. Gone are the days of grappling with custom scripts across multiple application providers. With us, districts can effortlessly set up and modify student accounts, retaining full control over data access.

We are the singular, security-centric platform for data sharing with trusted applications, always evolving to ensure optimum data protection.

Impenetrable Encryption

Data security is paramount to us. Dream Chaser Kids deploys advanced encryption measures, both in transit and at rest. We employ state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms like AES256-GCM and strictly adhere to key management best practices, supplemented by stringent access controls and multi-factor authentication.

Holistic Security in Development

Our security ethos shapes every stage of our product and infrastructure evolution. Every development initiative, be it a new feature or a product, undergoes an exhaustive security review. This includes rigorous threat modeling and detailed code reviews for significant modifications.

The Power of Cloud-Hosted Infrastructure

More and more educational and foundation partners are pivoting towards cloud-based infrastructures, driven primarily by enhanced security. Several sectors, including healthcare, finance, and governance, are turning to cloud solutions for their inherent security advantages over traditional on-premise systems. Cloud service providers are seasoned in handling a vast spectrum of security standards and have an unparalleled depth of investment in both network and physical security.

Dream Chaser Kids proudly operates on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a trailblazer in the realm of cloud services and data security. Ernst & Young LLP oversees the AWS System and Organization Controls audits, ensuring compliance and security. Comprehensive AWS compliance reports, including AWS SOC 2, are readily accessible.

Rigorous External Security Assessments

Our team is always on high alert, with automated threat detection and swift response mechanisms in place. We collaborate with elite third-party security entities for frequent audits and external code evaluations. Upon request, these audit reports are made available for scrutiny.



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