Welcome Parents!

The Lab brings parents together to create tools and experiences that help our children. Parents are amazing partners—they’re creative, caring, energetic, fun, and always thinking ahead. They want the best for their kids, and we’re happy to help turn their ideas and values into reality.


  1. Sessions: Join six 30-minute sessions in a small group of four parents.
  2. Admissions: Receive a $150 credit with our Dreamer plan and secure your spot.
  3. Signed Copy: Get a signed copy of “What We Found In The Land of Dreams.”
  4. Charitable Gift: We’ll make a $20 donation to a charity you choose, to value your time and views.

Qualification Details: 

  • You must be a parent or guardian of a child aged 6-17.
  • You should be ready to work together in a community of parents and educators.
  • You should be open to trying out new learning tools and methods.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Help develop tools tailored to various learning needs using insights from parents and experts.
  • Be part of a community of parents dedicated to shaping our children’s future.
  • Learn about and contribute to how our findings are used in innovative learning environments.

Driven by Parent Insights:

Your experiences and insights guide our innovations and ongoing improvements.

Click the floating question mark anytime for a detailed FAQ section, including what to expect, the fun factor, and applications review process.

Privacy is Our Priority: Rest assured, all your personal information, data, and feedback will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Learn more about our privacy practices.

Need More Info?

For further questions or clarifications email at hello.